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We are migrating our primary telephone connection from ISDN to SIP trunking! 


Migration to SIP trunking is set for August 17th, 2017

Our primary telephone connection is, like that of many of our customers, an ISDN connection. Because our provider has cancelled our PRI services, we are now switching from ISDN to SIP trunking with another provider. Thanks to call number porting, we can keep our existing numbers even after the switch. 

Thanks to a multitude of projects, we're very familiar with the process. For example, we're already using our new SIP trunk for all outgoing calls. However, it is our experience that numbers are not always immediately available after porting. In order to fulfill the SLAs even in the case of a disturbance, we have activated additional numbers for the time during and shortly after porting, as shown in the table below. 


How does switching a telephone connection from ISDN to SIP trunking work?  


An Overview:

When it comes to telephone connections, new technology is proving cheaper and less cumbersome than older, ISDN technology. This is why many providers are discontinuing their PRI services, and replacing them with SIP trunks. Should companies decide to change providers, they can easily retain their existing phone numbers thanks to number porting. 

The process of switching from ISDN to a SIP Trunk requires reconfiguring many components, both on the provider's side as well as directly within the company's network (depending on the specific implementation). It is our job to ensure a secure connection from the telecommunication system to the SIP trunk, and with that, to the internet. For this, a security component is needed – namely, a Session Border Controller (SBC). An SBC terminates signaling and payload data to achieve "topology hiding." This means that information critical to the security of the network remain protected and hidden from the outside world. An SBC protects companies effectively from threats common in IP networks. The picture below shows eine possible connection to the SIP trunk using an SBC.