IANT Receives the Label Data-CONSCIOUS Lower Saxony!

Orig. "DatenBEWUSST Niedersachsen"

The Digital Agency of the state of Lower Saxony writes:

With the label 'Data-CONSCIOUS Lower Saxony', awarded on the basis of self-disclosure, companies in the state may show that they recognize the growing importance of data security, and that they are actively committed to implementing long-lasting practices to promote and enhance data security.

Data security plays an especially important role in communications systems. We at IANT take this issue seriously and work to ensure that your solutions function securely and reliably so that you can stay connected and rest assured!

Home Office – VoIP makes it possible!

In the current situation with Corona, many businesses are sending their employees to work at home instead of in the office. This presents the unique challenge of quickly making all systems readily available from home. We at IANT are working to keep your communications solution functioning, so that you remain available wherever you are. Voice over IP makes this possible. 

Software like softphones or the 3CX clients allow for a smooth transition to home office. Installing these clients on your computer or mobile phone allows you to take your office extension with you wherever you go! This way you can make and receive calls without having to give out your mobile or private telephone numbers. 

Stay healthy – we’re helping you to stay flexible too.

Figure 1: Home Office with 3CX