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Open Source Solutions like Asterisk and SipXComAsterisk Logo

We at IANT have in-depth experience with planning and operating Asterisk-based VoIP solutions. Do you need to implement specific functions or features with Asterisk? Or do you need support for your existing Asterisk solution? Call us! We offer:

  • Support contracts for Asterisk VoIP solutions
  • Planning and implementation of customer specific, asterisk based solutions
  • Support contracts and development of Add-Ons for Asterisk based solutions like FreePBX
  • IANT is a Sangoma Partner

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SipXcom (also known as SipXecs) is ideal for large telephone systems with HA (High Availability) requirements. With our extensive knowledge and experience with these installations, we at IANT offer support for your SipXcom system!

See our Case Study for more details: SipX solution for the Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich (German)

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