Telephone Contact Center Solutions

Telephony is the most personal interface between you and your customers! As with a company’s Website or marketing materials, efforts to make the calling experience as easy to use and as welcoming as possible pay off. After all, this is often the first impression that callers receive.

  • When callers have to wait, is your telephony system designed so that the call queues work as efficiently as possible? A well-designed queue leads to lower wait times for your customers without overloading your contact center employees.
  • Are your voice prompts easy to understand and operate? Is your music on hold optimal for telephony?
  • Do you have access to real-time data and statistics that show your callers wait times, or how many calls are lost due to high wait times? Based on real-time information, we can improve your callers experience!

Everyone has experienced call queues with long voice prompts that don’t contain the desired option. Customers don’t feel welcome and are reluctant to call. But thankfully, there’s another way!

We offer consultancy, design and implementation for optimizing the call-experience for your company’s telephone numbers!

  • We design the call flows based on information from your customer service department.
  • Implementation of call flows dependent on the time of day, location, or call-volume
  • Call forwarding automatically set from your calendar avoids lost calls
  • Integration of Live Chat & Talk buttons for your website and telephone system, allowing for direct communication from a customer’s browser
  • Individual voice prompts (in various languages) in studio quality
  • Integration with your IT applications that process customer interactions
  • Integration of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook

Whatever solution you need, we are your telephony specialists! The following keywords can give you an idea of sought-after features:

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), administration of central call numbers, voice prompts, voice menus (operating voice menus via speech), DTMF Input (operating voice menus via dial-pad), Skills-Based Routing (calls are routed to employees with the necessary expertise), caller authentication for paid services, CLIP no Screening for Outbound Calls (setting caller ID for outbound calls), call recording according to lawful compliance, …

With telephone systems like 3CX, we achieve cost-effective implementation of features like these!