Are you having problems updating your 3CX installation to V20? We can help you!

3CX recently released version 20 (v20) of its VoIP PBX software. This update represents a fundamental redesign of the architecture and brings numerous new features and security improvements. The motto “3CX reinvented” reflects the comprehensive changes that represent more than a typical update.

The 3CX update to v20 brings many changes. Many familiar features now have to be implemented differently, which causes problems for many 3CX customers. If you are missing familiar features or need help with the transition, we are here for you.

Many 3CX customers have questions about the following points in particular when introducing v20. We have already carried out extensive tests and implementations of v20 – benefit from our experience! Frequently mentioned changes and problems include:

  • Admin console: The previous management console has been replaced by a centralized admin area in the web client. Access is provided using the same login details and URL as the web client, allowing for a seamless experience.
  • Call Flows: Changes in call flows may impact existing call flows. Companies may need to reconfigure their call routing and rules to ensure they continue to work correctly.
  • Departments/Permissions: Previously known as Groups, v20 now offers Departments, which act as organizational units with their own office hours, holidays, time zones, language settings, and extensions. This restructuring can cause confusion and requires administrators to understand and implement the new features and settings. Departments also allow for more granular permissions and the assignment of dedicated administrators for specific administrative tasks.
  • Call Queue and Call Group Management: Changes in these areas may cause malfunctions or inefficiencies, which could impact customer service.
  • Holidays: With the introduction of Departments, holidays are also managed differently.
  • Inbound Rules
  • Microsoft 365 SSO Login


Key changes in V20:

  • Security: Improved IT security through a revised network architecture and new security technologies. These include stronger password policies, a secure Windows software version with automatic updates and an update to Debian 12 for Linux users. Implementation of zero trust models, password hashing, 2FA and more. These measures make 3CX v20 one of the most secure communication solutions on the market.
  • SIP Call Manager: Fundamental overhaul of Call Manager with new call center features, improved queuing strategies and a powerful API. The call center gets improved queuing strategies and programmable queuing that can be customized with scripting skills. Improved reporting engine for deeper integration with analytics tools such as Grafana.
  • Windows Softphone: Introducing a new Windows Softphone, securely deployed through the Microsoft Store, offering better notifications and independent audio control. This app runs similarly to the iOS or Android apps and overcomes limitations of PWA in terms of window notifications and audio control.
  • VoIP Quality Monitoring: New event logs and a VoIP quality monitor enable quick identification of network problems that could affect audio quality.


How can IANT help?

IANT offers comprehensive support for the transition to 3CX V20:

  • Experienced engineers: Our experts have in-depth know-how and practical experience with V20.
  • Comprehensive consulting: Analysis of your specific requirements and tailor-made solutions.
  • Implementation and support: Support from planning to implementation and beyond.
  • Training: User and administrator training in German or English to optimally prepare your team.
  • Round-the-clock support: With support SLAs up to 24/7, we ensure that your systems always run smoothly.


Benefit from our experience and avoid the pitfalls of switching to 3CX V20. Contact us and we will help you use the new features efficiently and keep your communications systems up to date.