Lower The Costs For Your Telephony System and Outbound Calls!

Through software-based, Open Standards solutions, the telephony solutions we at IANT offer can save up to 70 % compared with conventional systems.

What are the cost factors for corporate telephony, and where is there potential for savings?

Acquisition Costs:

  • Terminal Equipment: With large telephony systems, the costs of the terminal equipment alone can comprise more than 70 % of the total acquisition costs for their communications solution.
    • The use of Open Standards telephones from manufacturers like Fanvil, Yealink or Snom lowers these costs exceptionally.
    • Thanks to telephone apps for PC and Smartphones, customers can cut down even more on their hardware costs! Workers at home or on the go can make and receive calls from their company number and manage their availability seamlessly, reducing the need for hardware phones.
    • Devices that were used in a previous system can often be integrated into the Open Standards solution, meaning customers don’t always have to invest in new terminal devices when migrating to a new phone system.
  • Session Border Controller (SBC):
    • Session Border Controllers are vital for security with VoIP telephony. Utilizing software SBCs is usually less expensive than having dedicated hardware. According to the specific use case, we select the best SBC to fit our customer’s needs!
  • Gateways:
    • Because gateways function as a translator between devices and protocolls, they can be used to allow for the continued use of legacy equipment such as analog devices, door intercom systems, fax machines, etc.
  • Configuration and Implementation:
    • Thanks to remote access and the use of automation, costs for configuration and modification can be substantially reduced!
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Operational Costs:

  • Software licenses for VoIP/UC server, VoIP security functions like Session Border Controllers (SBC), Fax servers, etc.
    • License models can differ greatly between manufacturers. The costs can depend on the number of devices, a maximum number of simultaneous calls, or according to the desired features.
    • We consider all costs in order to select the best software components for your telephony solution. For example, the license model from 3CX is based on the number of simultaneous calls, and does not contain any additional feature licenses, making this solution very cost-effective.
  • Telephone connection costs:
    • Many long-running contracts for phone connections are overpriced! We can help you change your SIP trunk provider. With contracts through our partner Easybell we have lowered the telephony costs for many of our customers between 50 and 75 percent!
  • Operation and maintenance of the phone system:
    • Preventive Maintenance lowers the overall operational costs and increases the availablity of your telephone system.
    • Want to be more hands on? You can take care of the system administration and simply call us should problems arise
    • Or take advantage of our all-round carefree package: We take care of the administration of your system and offer 1st and 2nd level support so that you can save personal resources in your company.
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Migration Phase:

  • For large and complex telephone systems we recommend a pilot phase. This allows companies to test and see how features and configurations work in their daily business processes. This lets you Know what you’re getting without having to invest a large part of the project costs up-front!


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