Is your company considering switching to VoIP? You’re in good hands with us!

Our VoIP Readiness Test provides a detailed overview of your company’s network characteristics. After the analysis, you’ll receive recommendations for QoS parameters and other measures necessary for successful VoIP operations, such as upgrading and/or expanding certain network components. The VoIP Readiness Test is the first step towards migration and can be performed independent of the later decision for a specific VoIP system or manufacturer.


  • Why is a VoIP Readiness Test necessary?
    In a VoIP system, speech and signaling data for telephony are transmitted over the IP network. This leads to a considerable increase in traffic. An analysis prior to migration is necessary in order to recognize and correct problems before they are critical to your communications.
  • What is the procedure?
    The test system is designed specifically for your company: from the expected number of calls to the number of site locations that should be tested. Once the test system has been designed and delivered, it will be taken into operation by IANT’s engineers on-site. The test simulates VoIP network traffic and records data relevant to VoIP (such as packet loss, latency, and jitter). Our engineers monitor the test remotely (should remote access be granted). The typical test duration is two weeks.
  • What do you receive?
    Customers receive indications of concrete vulnerabilities in their network as well as recommendations for effective measures to ensure reliable VoIP communications. A report over test results and recommendations will be provided, and can be prepared in the form of a presentation.



Architecture of the test system


The controller manages the measuring nodes, as well as the sequence of the test cases. It also records data for the analysis.

The measuring nodesexecute the pre-defined test cases on various locations in the network.



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